Just a Few Days Left

Dad told me recently that when you’re going through chemo, every day is a difficult day. There are just some days that are more difficult than others. I know I’ve said it before, but you would never know this is how he feels by looking at him or talking to him. The man is a rock. My rock. My family’s rock.

The great news is that as of Tuesday he will have his sixth and, hopefully, last chemo treatment. They will do a CT scan after that, which will let us know if the chemo did its trick and the tumor is gone.

The other good news that we have the Light the Night walk on Saturday. If you haven’t registered to participate with Team Bear, there’s still plenty of time. Here’s the link to our page.


If you are registered, below is the breakdown of the night’s events and key information you may need.

Schedule of Events

5:00 PM – Festivities Begin
6:00 PM – Celebration of Life
6:30 PM – Stage Program
7:00 PM – Walk Begins

Here’s a link to other event details, parking, etc.


Please remember that it will be a cool night on Saturday with a high 59 and a low of 43 and there could be a chance of rain, so dress accordingly. Let’s plan to congregate by the bathrooms (not for any particular reason other than that’s a recognizable and easy-to-find location).

Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions in the next few days. 602.999.9331

We love you all and thank you once again for all your support. I’ll leave you with a few images to see how great he’s doing!