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It looks pretty good.

Rockin the no-hair look. It’s all the rage… didn’t you know?

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  1. jana says:

    I think he looks great as you so sweetly put it “baldy”. At least he has a great shape to his head unlike his nephew michael, who looks like an ‘egg head” when he is bald. Things seem to be going well for now, thanks again lauren for all the updates and the love you put into this. check in with you soon. love you lauren, Aunt Jana. Bear keep smiling..lov you

  2. darcy hillery shinn says:

    Thinking of you all…take care of yourselves…love to you all

  3. Sheri Smith says:

    Lots and Lots of prayers and positive healing thoughts coming your way. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop. You have your San Diego Cheering Squad here for you! Stay Strong.

  4. Hang tough Bear we are all pulling for you.

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